Material Safety Data Sheets
Keeping You Informed

CBC's pledge to safety and accountability means that we keep copies of our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available to the public. The following is a current list of our MSDS. Click on the links to download.


A/C Flush (Dura II)
Antifreeze (Castrol)
Antifreeze (Gas Line)
Antifreeze (RV)
Antifreeze & Rust Guard
ATF Synthetic (Wolf's Head)
ATF (Valvoline)
Battery Cleaner
Batteries (Lythium Thionyl Chloride)
Brake Fluid
Black Beauty (Roofing)
Chain & Cable Lube
Chain-Pro Aerosol
Chisel Paste
Concrete (Quikrete)
Compressor Oil
Corrosion Stop
Cutting & Grinding Oil (NAPA)
Cyclo Break-Away (Penetrating Oil)
De Solv It
Diesel Fuel Supplement & Cetane Boost
Dry Graphite Film Lubricant
Electronic Cleaner
Fertilizer (Agropel 15-15-15)
Freon (Weitron 134-A)
Gel (Bentonite)
Gel X (Super)
Glass Cleaner (DG)
Glass Cleaner (Osborn)
Go Jo
Grease #2 (Multi-purpose)
Open Gear Lube
Gear Oil (80-90W)
Gear Oil (NAPA 80-90W)
Hub Oil Lucas
Hydraulic Oil (CAT 10W)
Hydraulic Oil (RO AW)
Hydraulic Oil (AW 46)
Hydraulic Oil (ISO 46)
Motor Oil (Quaker State 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40W)
Motor Oil (All Climate)
Penetrating Oil
Oil Stabilizer (Lucas)
Delvac 1300 Super 531 15-40W
OzzyJuice SW-7 Parts/Brake Cleaning System
Marvel Mystery Oil
Maxi-Lube (Cart)
Mineral Spirits
Oxygen (Airgas)
Stripe Alert Paint
Pipeline Coatings
Power Steering Fluid (NAPA)
Propane (Airgas)
Purple Power
PVC Cement
PVC Primer
Roofing Felt
Seal Tight
Spray Paint (Krylon)
Starting Fluid
Tuff Stuff
Thread Locker (Red & Blude)
Transmission Drive Train Oil (30W to-4)
Yield Lubricant



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