CBC's Core Resources


Although we have several locations, CBC relies upon a core group of individuals to maintain our high-performance reputation.  We have selectively chosen quality people to be leaders in each section of our work.  From our Office Staff to our Field Supervisors, we have the right people to lead each project
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Years of experience have taught which pieces of equipment are the the most reliable, and which are the most important to have on any job.  At CBC, we are prepared with our own fleet of quality vehicles and equipment.  More about our vehicles and equipment >

Attention:  CBC will be auctioning off much of its Ohio vehicle and equipment inventory on August 20th, 2015!!! For more information, CLICK HERE!


CBC is knows the oil and gas industry.  More importantly, the industry KNOWS CBC.  We have connections in every area of the business:  Tools, Equipment, Personnel, Supplies, Safety, Training, Etc.  Whatever you need, we can find it, and we will get it.

Using CBC as YOUR Resource

When you form a partnership with CBC, you gain access and connections to CBC's resources. Using our expertise and experience in the field, our specialized personnel, our fleet of vehicles and equipment, and our connections in the industry, you can have what you need--when you need it!

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