What YOU can expect from CBC Pipeline employees:

What CBC Pipeline employees can expect from US:
  • Solid leadership
  • Full-time hours and a weekly paycheck
  • The right equipment and tools for the job
  • Hard-working peers
  • A safe working environment


All of CBC's leaders are specifically chosen based on the quality of their work, experience in the field, and ability to lead.  Our project managers, field supervisors, and foremen are committed to excellence, investing extra hours both in the field and in additional training.  They are equipped to handle daily tasks and problem-solve the unexpected.

Not only do we trust our leadership to do the job right, we trust them to take care of our employees.  CBC's leaders are thoroughly involved. They are here for you!  Hiring, on-the-job training, individual and group instruction, tracking hours, and monitoring individual performance are only some of their tasks.  They are an essential part of our team and your primary "go-to" people.

Full-Time Work

CBC understands the needs of its employees.  Knowing installations of pipeline can last only a few months, we recognize your need to have adequate hours.  With CBC, you will work full-time.

We get you home for dinner!
Our typical work schedule being from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily.

We provide weekend work!
We always work six (6) to seven (7) day weeks.

We allow time off!
We understand that sometimes emergencies, crises, and events necessitate your absence from work.  With prior permission from your supervisor, there is no penalty for missing time for situations like these.  The days that you miss and your holidays off are simply not paid.

The Right Tools

CBC expects you to do a good job.  That is just one of the reasons that we provide the proper tools and equipment for the task.  To see more about our equipment, click here >

Hard-Working Peers

When you work for CBC, you become part of a hard-working team of individuals.  As a team, we recognize the significance of each job contributing to the whole.  CBC takes its work very seriously, and so do its employees.

A Safe Environment

At CBC, we care about the safety of our employees.  We also value your trust.  That is why we institute national, local, and specific regulations.  Relying on years of experience, we prepare ahead of time to prevent accidents before they happen.

In order to do this, CBC:
  • Requires each new employee to undergo pre-employment DOT Drug Testing.  They may also be subjected to random, accident, and suspicion drug testing as necessary
  • Supplies each new employee with their own copy CBC's Employee Safety Handbook.  New employees are required to read this manual and undergo safety orientation.
  • Utilizes on-site training and mentoring by seasoned leaders.
  • Provides all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for its employees.  This includes hardhats, safety glasses, gloves, safety vests, Fire Retardant Coveralls (FRCs), and face shields for welders.

CBC also requires advanced training for your supervisors and foremen, as they are responsible to oversee safety in every aspect of their job.  We have daily morning safety meetings, led by our full-time safety director, to cover our Job Safety Analysis (JSA), reminding you of standard procedures and giving you any additional instruction based on the specific needs of that day's tasks. 

Please note: CBC has a very strict disciplinary policy for employees who willfully violate safety protocol.

For more about safety at CBC, click here >

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